Wednesday, 14 August 2013

All Strung Up

I've been honing my plaiting and stringing techniques recently. Here's my celebratory picture.

2013 - Early Alliums
Top left is Elephant Garlic. Last year from one clove I got one bulb. From that bulb of six cloves I got 6 bulbs this year . This autumn I'll plant 10 to 12 cloves... Maybe we can eat the other three bulbs!  Is this a Fibonacci sequence I wonder?  Probably just a geometric progression(?).

The garlic has to be plaited, and my technique did improve from the small ones I started with to the Early Purple Wight  which were the largest (aside from the Elephant Garlic) Shallots and Onions need to be strung rather than just plaited. The results were really quite pleasing:

That's Shallot

Shenshyu Yellow - a keeper
Next to be stung will be the red onions which have been fantastic this year. We are rapidly running out of places to hang alliums. A nice problen to have!


  1. We got a bit strung up too as we didn't have anything to string up!

  2. Well done, nice crop of alliums too.

  3. You've done a great job plaiting and stringing, looks really good.