Sunday, 13 January 2013

Record Book

Waking up to snow falling this morning I've cancelled my plans for a trip to the plot.  Instead I'm doing a bit New Year Resolution tidying and sorting. I came a cross this, published in 1964. It's probably the first book I owned! It's missing most the photos as the binding broke a long time ago.

I also turned up this:

also with a number of loose leaves, although these are additional notes receipts labels etc that I have tucked in between the pages.  I have other gardening note books too.   Too many and too many different formats.  They all have one thing in common, they stop in May!  Just as well I've got my blog to keep track of progress once the cropping starts!


  1. So where did the old books go - back in the cupboard you were tidying?

  2. Ah! memories of the sixties flooding back. 63 was a bad one for snow, I was in Yorkshire at the time. Blogs are much easier for record keeping than notebooks, difficult to lose a computer in the back of a cupboard I would think.

    1. I think that could have been the year I walked all the way to school in the thick snow (about 5 miles) only to be sent back home having arrived as so few had made it!

  3. Any planting surprises in those garden notebooks? When I can decipher my own handwriting I often find myself chuckling at the plants I was lusting after in my early days as a gardener. Some I still crave, others I no longer value.

  4. So did you have a really good look through those books before filing them then Mal?? I used to keep notes...and to some extent still do in abbreviation for ease of use down the allotment but most of the stuff now goes on my blog...did you find you ever had much success with the celeriac??