Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fun in the Snow

Sledging at Craiglockhart

And what better winter warmer is there than a bowl of artechoke soup?

First locate your artechokes:

Spot the artechokes
 That;s why I don't chop them down to ground level.
Mining underway


Enough for soup!

Great when the temperature drops outside - but not so good for wind!

Today the snow eased up. But from the forecast there's more working up the east coast and due to arrive tomorrow rush hour. Many schoolchildren have got their fingers crossed.

Snow easing up???


  1. Enough to blow that snow away eh?

  2. I'm too old for sledging these days, don't mind a snowball fight though!! Snows almost gone here due to rain again.

  3. We had a good covering of snow but now it has left...didn't close many of the schools though. Some interesting snow sculptors were made and the children had plenty of fun sledging though mine preferred to stay inside and keep dry and warm!!

  4. What a lot of microclimates we have in Edinburgh. Over here beside the sea we had a lot of snow overnight on the Friday, but it melted away during Saturday and was gone completely by Sunday.

    1. Glad you found me in my new home, Linda. Have you had you rent demand yet £90 !!! Courtesy of FEDAGA.

      Oh dear - I've just had to do a word verification on my own blog!