Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Bit of a Twit

Today is the second and last day of the Big Garden Birdwatch and I carried out our count as the showers blew in in pulses this morning.  I didn't capture any bird shots but in a sunny interval I captured these cheery new arrivals in the garden

 In fact the primroses appeared before the recent bout of snow. How cheerful they are.

Winter Flowering Cherry has been living up to its name:
Cherry Blossom

Here's a batallion of Daffodils I planted up last autumn ready for deployment in their mobile home.

But why do I feel a bit of a twit?  It's not the birds.  I've set up a Twitter account, and I don't know what to do with it. I will now try to add a link to this post, but I don't know which way around to play it.  Twitter first  or blog.  To make matters worse I've also activated the link to my (rather dormant) Facebook account at the same time. Again I'm not sure how this is going to link up with my other blogging activities.  It's all a bit to much for me to take on board, but I guess I can pull the plug on any of these links if it all gets too much.  Anybody willing to give an old Luddite a hint or two about how these facilities link up?

Here, I hope is the Twitter link: Malagrowther1


  1. I'm on twitter Mal...mine is set up so that every time I publish a blog post it automatically renews my tweet with the title. I haven't done anything else with's just another way to draw attention to my blog. Seems to work and doesn't take up any of my time!!

  2. I've linked my blogs with Twitter and Facebook Mal and have done this using Networked Blogs (search for it in the Apps centre on the sidebar to the left of your Facebook Home page)

    My blogs use it to synchronise to FB and Twitter automatically. Once set up I didn't have to do anything they just appear sometimes immediately and at other times a short while after publishing the post!

    1. Having a go at this - Thanks Sue.

  3. I use Networked Blogs too, which "syndicates" your blogposts - sends them out automatically to a wider audience. Just like Tanya, I use methods like this mainly for attracting more visitors to my blog. The leading expert on using Twitter seems to be my wife Jane! She has written lots of articles on this sort of stuff on her blog
    Meet me on Twitter at @Marksvegplot

  4. Thanks Mark. I've had a look at Janes's blog. Boy do I have a lot of learning to do!

  5. So much technology, so little time. I don't really use Twitter, however, I've learned quite a bit from the above comments. Hope you can get it working; good luck.