Saturday, 26 November 2022

Sweet Dumplings and Drying Beans

 With the cold wind blowing it is time to enjoy some of the summer's stored treats: Sweet Dumplings squash.  One of these is just the right size for a person...

...once stuffed and baked.

The kitchen pulley is serving its purpose as a drier of beans.  These net bags are suitably positioned so that if you don't watch out you bump into them on entering and leaving.  This, together with the occasional rummage ensures good air circulation.  As the Barlotti bean pods dry they start shedding beans - a sure sign that they are ready for podding!


  1. Squash and beans! They’re great aren’t they. I’d be quite happy if that’s all I grew

    1. They are like a bit of summer stored up.

  2. I was podding our Pongo beans this week- being small (the beans not me) it was very fiddly. These are just for seed not to eat. I am small too but that doesn't affect my podding ability.