Thursday, 11 August 2022

Tom Tom Club


The first tomatoes are ready for harvesting.  Hooray!

You don't grow tomatoes in Scotland because it makes economic sense, although they have a flavour that money can't buy.  Surprisingly these are outdoor tomatoes, from our sheltered back garden:

The ones in the greenhouse are refusing to ripen, probably because it is shaded by a pyrocanthus and holly hedge. (The hedge is home to an extended family of house sparrows so is accepted as a fact of life.)

I still have high hopes of a good crop before summer is out, this year of all years.


  1. What a song! That's going to be with me for days!
    I think we may get our first outdoor ones this week, I don't know why they're being so slow. I keep seeing everyone else harvesting already! Our polytunnel ones are weeks away 😖

    1. The Sungold (outdoors) are providing a dozen ripe fruit a day. On closer inspection, I find to my surprise, there are no Sungold in the greenhouse. So perhaps not a fair comparison after all!

  2. It probably is lack of light, our tomatoes have ripen much better as have the peppers since Martyn got rid of the grapevine that shaded our greenhouse. At least the dry conditions have kept blight at bay.