Thursday, 3 March 2022

Germination Station


My coal cellar germination station is in full operation now.  The top shelf has LED lights whereas the lower legacy shelf is the traditional fluorescent strip light. Both shelves have got heated trays which raise the temperature to about 20C

These lobelia seedlings are stealing a march.
Once germination has been achieved the hardier seedlings (broad beans and alliums) go out into the greenhouse...

...and then outside for good days.

The broad beans to left of the picture went out to the allotment yesterday, under fleece protection to start with.  The set up has evolved over the years and seems to be working well this year.


  1. I definitely am well behind now. Still haven't sown any seeds. I will have to get our grow light trays out of the garage and make a start. Hopefully there will not be any really cold weather in March. Fingers crossed!

    1. A couple of cold nights just now but the promise of better to come.

  2. What a perfect song title! I love your cellar setup. You’re doing well, making all of us think we’re being too slow!