Thursday, 13 September 2018

Rocket Gardens - A Plug

Well lots of them really. The picture shows an unpacked delivery of plug plants received by the School on Tuesday from Rocket Gardens based in Cornwall. Today they were planted out into the garden beds by the children under the supervision of the Garden Team.  Every space freed up after summer harvesting has been filled with  Lettuce( 4 varieties) Corn Salad (Lamb's Lettuce), Winter Purslane,  Spring Onions, Cabbages (2 varieties), Kale (3), Pak Choi, Mizuna, Broccoli, Turnip, Mustard and Perpetual Spinach.  Custody is now down to us - and the vagaries of a Scottish winter!
I was impressed with the previous May delivery too.  It included courgette plants.  Despite the change in latitude they took off after being planted out and produced fruit before the summer holiday (end of June in Scotland). Despite a dose of powdery mildew they are still producing large fruit now! The School obtained the plants for free as an award under the RHS Gardening for Schools Scheme, but I have to say that the plant quality and service has been most impressive.  It would be invaluable for anyone stealing a march or playing catch up after falling behind on their sowing schedule.

School Garden Produce


  1. Well done for keeping the planting going on through to Autumn! We have been less organised...

  2. Buying in plug plants really is a cheat. Not one I have ever indulged in on my own behalf. But as regards the school garden different rules apply!