Friday, 1 June 2018

I'm Happy When It Rains

 Before the flowers on our Wisteria get washed away I just wanted to record it in all its glory.  

Almost as if it was waiting for the change of month the first significant rain in weeks arrived yesterday in Edinburgh.  I recall that April 2017 was exceptional in that we got 3mm of rain in the whole month. Well May 2018 will not be as low as that but was exceptionally dry.  In addition Edinburgh traditionally gets its last ground frost in May. There was none this May - so the last frost date will either be in April or June. We certainly have had hail showers in the summer before. Hindsight is a wonderful thing because if we had known this was how it was to be in advance we could have started our courgettes and sweetcorn a month earlier!  


  1. If we had started things earlier what’s the betting that we would have had an abundance of frost!

  2. Beautiful beautiful wisteria!
    Aah hindsight...!

    1. Oh that's how you spell it. Thanks for the nudge!