Saturday, 14 April 2018

Up Up Up

Bee on Willow

After lolling about in the doldrums at 6C or below for a week the temperature today has followed the following pattern

7am   7C
8am  8C
9am  9C
10am  10C
11am 11C
12noon 12C
1pm 13C

Unbelievable! And on the subject of bees. the bumble bees have woken up and are prospecting for nest sites. So far they have evaded my camera lens. Above is the best shot to date.

Here's the most uplifting song I can think of to reflect the mood:


  1. Spring spring for us today. I even needed sunglasses.

    1. The long wait makes it all the more welcome!

  2. You lucky people. I am happy for you and want to share some more. It is 30.5 C here and the plants are not lovin' it.

    1. 30.5 is 0.5 higher than Edinburgh's alltime record temperature, Jane. (It also matches the temperature inside my greenhouse today!) We gardeners have to adapt to the conditions we are given - unless we move. Historically, Scottish seed merchants are notable for moving their operations to the South of England.