Sunday, 22 April 2018

Up and Away

Vegetable garden blogging is a contradictory activity:  Either you have nothing to report and all the time in the world to blog, or you are so active that you don't have the time or the energy to blog.  Recently I have moved from one phase to the other.  Aside from the improvement in the weather dictating a change of gear I have also been helping out in a school vegetable garden lately so demands on my vegetable growing time have doubled.  Having made my excuses here is an update.  Pride of place goes to the migration of the sensitive plants to the greenhouse where they are resident 24 hours.


Courgettes and Butternut Squash

Chilli Peppers

Outside the greenhouse the former occupants are disporting themselves across the "patio" area.

Spot the bench to relax on.

Indoors the sowing programme continues with the second round of brassica sowings.  Nowadays I am much more disciplined about labelling everything at the time of sowing:

This year, after sowing, I log everything on a spreadsheet.  I realised today that I have now made my 100th sowing of the year.  (That is home sowing:  school sowings have their own log.)

Onwards and Upwards:


  1. It’s ironic isn’t it? Now there is so much that we can’t decide what to write about first.

  2. I've only just sown our tomatoes, peppers and some "early" courgette seeds. I try to keep an up to date spreadsheet of sowings and plantings too but at this time of year it all gets a bit hectic!