Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Green Tomato Chutney Time

Yes it is time to accept that these tomatoes are not going to ripen.  I had enough to make a relish and a chutney, although they hardly differ in colour:

Added to the larder shelf where space is running out.

The tomatoes are San Marzano and had hardly any seeds.  They need a southern Mediterranean climate to ripen fully and while I like green tomato chutney I wouldn't grow for that purpose.

Just so you don't feel too sorry for me the Sungold tomatoes ripened just fine as usual, providing a steady flow of cherry tomatoes:

I guess some varieties refuse to grow old:


  1. Something that we have never made.

    1. That's to your growing credit, Sue. It is still an annual tradition for us, and you can't buy green tomatoes in the shops.

  2. We haven't made any preserves this year - just laziness really. We'll regret it at Christmas!

  3. Sssshhh, but the pot to the very far right is a jar of last year's green tomato chutney!