Saturday, 24 June 2017


When you are digging potatoes and cutting cabbages it qualifies as a harvest!

I have been resisting the urge to start digging spuds until now. Today I set to with a fork and was relieved to find good sized Epicure potatoes. A couple of Greyhound cabbages were ready too. So it is going to be homegrown veg from here on. Woopee!

On checking my records, these (the first row of potatoes) were planted on 17 March several weeks before the other earlies and over a month before the final maincrop which was in by 19 April,  See  Diggin

Potato Patch 19/04/17

Potato Patch 24/06/17


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  1. So far we have only harvested pot grown potatoes but we intend to lift some plot grown ones soon. I wonder whether the lack of any rain will mean that the crop is only small.