Thursday, 8 June 2017

A Voyage Around My Garden

Here's the current state of play:  Looking from East to West, there are beans in the foreground, brassicas beyond.

The East End (reverse view)

In the corner the globe artichokes are showing a bit of muscle.

The blueberries are responding to winter pruning in their pen.


Here is a closer look at the brassica, each plantlet at its station 18 inches from its neighbour planted through the weed suppressant fabric. At the rear are the early planted cabbages and cauliflowers already well away.

A closer look at the early brassicas,

Moving along further West there are peas, cucurbits and sweetcorn (also through weed suppressant fabric) carrots (under nets) and alliums.

Cucurbits: Squashes and Pumpkins:

Sweetcorn with two courgettes beyond.

In the next corner the old rhubarb is looking robust

and alongside at the West End there are first signs of another robust cropper: Jerusalem artichoke.

The alliums are looking very happy.

Heading back from West to East the fruit cage now has a net over it.

and the early potatoes are flowering.

View of the potatoes and fruit East to West.

These pictures were taken yesterday 7/6/17 a dryish day between two very wet ones!

Getting Around


  1. There are some striking similarities to our plot. Netting the blueberries is a job for tomorrow,

  2. Could be because we get your weather an hour or two later!

    1. I was also thinking of the predominance of weed control, fabric

    2. Count me in as a fan.

  3. Not an inch of wasted space!!