Thursday, 6 October 2016

How Long.... Can This Be Going On

It is October and the greenhouse tomatoes (grown rather late from seed) have started ripening ...

...and some are still flowering.

(There are over twenty pairs on some of the Sungold trusses)

There's even a chance that the outdoor San Mazarno might yet ripen.


Well maybe once they are harvested and brought into the warmth of the kitchen. Otherwise it will be green tomato chutney time.

I just can't believe how long they (and summer) are hanging on for.


  1. They look great - and sure, they'll ripen indoors if necessary. I still have a few outside too, but then I'm a lot further South than you!

  2. The nights have a bit if a nip now. We stopped watering the tomato plants so they have wound down.

  3. I still have a few tomatoes to ripen but I think they are running out of time now...I have far less green ones than you Mal, my toms were something I was actually on time with this year!!