Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hanging Around


A Week Ago
Some progress to report on the greenhouse ripening of outdoor tomatoes.  Sungold: Over a dozen ripened.  Stripey: two have started blushing Sam Marzano: all green.

There is another crop currently hanging around.

These are Canadian Wonder Bean pods.  With the weather turning cold and wet there is the distinct danger of them going mouldy outside so I've picked any mature pods and brought them indoors to hang off the kitchen airer  in these string bags which are ideal for the purpose. They should be ready for podding in a couple of weeks but I will leave them for a month to ensure the beans have dried out properly before podding them.

Together with the Onions and Garlic crops there's a lot of hanging around at this time of year!


  1. I need some more string bags, I like your black one. It's good to still be harvesting

  2. Even the green San Marzano have gone paler. They'll ripen eventually. I grew this variety once and they were the last to ripen, by a long way.