Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Tour of the Plot - Green is the Theme

 Returning from holiday  (OK I've remembered this is a gardening blog) everything is green

Admittedly that's because most weeds are green.. but the potatoes have formed a nice canopy:

The first green courgette has arrived:

Through the (admittedly black) fabric the sweetcorn is shooting up.

and under the mesh the carrots are making headway:

The French Beans are growing

with the Canadian Wonder taking the lead,

Here's a busy fringe of Salad Bowl lettuces and Swedes.

Jerusalem Artechokes

Globe Artechokes:


The raspberries are nearly done cropping, but still very verdant.

To complete the tour there are the alliums and...

...beyond them the brassicas.

Provided I can get back on top of the weeding these crops should thrive.

Hope you enjoyed the end of July tour.


  1. It's good to see green instead of mud colour on the plot.

  2. After green comes harvest - hooray!