Friday, 22 July 2016

Runner Bean Tree?

When we visited Lyon a couple of years ago I was impressed with what looked like a Pea Tree in the Tete D'Or Botanic Park.  You won't be surprised therefore that on our recent visit to Prague (for that is where we went) the tree above caught my attention.  Could this be a Runner Bean Tree? The leaves are suitably heart shaped and the fruit, well they look like dried runner beans.

As for location: there were a couple of specimens in the park right outside the main train station. On investigation these would appear to be "Catalpa" trees.

Later on glancing up in Peace Square I spotted this specimen:

The leaves are quite different but the fruit are leguminous in appearance.  Best guess: Robinia Pseudoacacia- Black Locust Tree.

The fruit is are not so different from the tree above but the leaves are completely different!

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  1. Interestingly we saw a catalpa tree in a garden we visited this week.