Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Gaga Gargoyles

 Prompted by Jo@ awholeplotoflove, I've dusted off my holiday snaps from Normandy (Already seems like a long time ago!).  Here's the cheeky chappy I was reminded of:
Cheeky Gargoyle

 He's on the roof of the Gendarmerie on the mont at Mont St Michel. Far left in the picture below.

Mont St Michel

There were lots of gargoyles in Normandy, many exhibiting distinctly fierce characterstics. These were on the Palais de Justice in Rouen:

Palais de Justice Rouen

And these appeared to be guarding the Cathedral at Bayeux:

The Cathedral at Rouen had so many appendages it was impossible to capture them all:

Last of all I can't omit this chap, who although not a gargoyle was doing a good job representing all ponies pressed into service on the traditional pressoirs of Normandy.  I'm sure they got there share of apples too after mushing them up for cidre/calvados production.  The mill is planted up with flowers now, but someone had decided to create an homage to the tradition.


  1. Holidays do seem like a distant memory once you get back in to the swing of things at home again. You're right about that first gargoyle, he does look like a cheeky chappy. I see you visited Lindisfarne recently, I did too, we holidayed in Northumberland this year. I wrote about it on my Through The Keyhole blog and I've still got a few posts about Northumberland to come.

  2. I expect you enjoyed the food and drink in Normandy too - they produce some very good stuff (especially cheese)!

  3. Bless you thanks for the mention. My husband is starting quite a collection of gargoyles & unfortunately there will be more to come. I like the cheeky chappy one in your first photo x