Sunday, 26 July 2015

Spot the Difference

Digital cameras are wonderful things for recording wildlife - and allowing identification at leisure. The following picture was snapped at la Roche d’Oëtre, in the Suisse Normande area of Normandy about 10 days ago.

I had every confidence that I would identify it on my return home. But before I had done so another allotment blogger (take a bow, Sue) just happened to post a butterfly post:

Sue's post

Serendipity or what:?

It is well camouflaged  - Can you see it in this pic?

The main thing la Roche d’Oëtre is famous for is the head shaped rock.  Can you see it?

or maybe this is it:

Not so sure.  All the same it was a tranquil spot, with some nice wildlife.

Always remember to observe the local bye laws:


  1. But my Speckled Brown butterfly was in North Yorkshire.
    I think it is the first photo of the rock with the Elvis quiff
    In Italy once we came across a sign reading "Bandito di pesce" some of our fellow travellers thought it meant bandits were in the area and wouln't go anywhere near.

  2. Hi Mal...loving your love of weed suppressant fabric...I really think I should try this next year...I may not get any weedy plot letters then!! Lovely photo of the butterfly.....not sure I saw the 'head shaped' rock

  3. I don't see the head either. Someone must have had a very vivid imagination in order to come up with that!