Sunday, 26 July 2015

Green and Black - Brassicas are Go

 Its 4 weeks since I planted out the bulk of the Brassicas. (Just before we went on holiday). They are looking pretty good by my reckoning. Not a weed in sight!!!

 From the other end the plot is looking pretty green.   Again there is some black around the garlic and onions in the foreground:

 In the middle the runner beans are at the top of their poles

and the Canadian Wonder beans are looking healthy too.

Broad beans cropping, beetroot, fennel, leaf beat coming on strong

I've had to weed here, but the other area without fabric is potatoes.  They have grown so stronly that they have suppressed the weeds all by themselves.

 First Early Red Duke of  York:

And here's the view from the other end, where a couple of Great Mullein have taken residence:

I would say that my enthusiasm for Weed Suppressant Fabric is getting stronger and stronger.


  1. The weed control does help and it should help with moisture retention too. We need to get our brassicas in . It's raining a little so we hope that it will keep going and soften the ground

    1. Well it's been raining a lot here Sue. Admittedly I was having problems planting leeks out before we went on holiday. I planted some more out on my return without the same problem as the soil was so much softer!

  2. Looks like you have got the brassica-protection well organized - both above and below. I'll be interested to hear what you think of those red DOY potatoes. I found them rather insipid in taste and texture, but I may just have been unlucky. They certainly LOOK nice.

    1. First rule of brassicas - If you aint got a net to hand don't even think about planting them out!

      I like DOY and Red DOY have always been written up as superior. I haven't found that to be the case. My first choice first early is Epicure. But I couldn't find any locally so gave RDOY another chance. Maybe it was the dry conditions in spring, but the yield has been disappointing. The rest of the potatoes are about three times as high and looking very promising, so mustn't grumble!