Monday, 4 May 2015

A Weed Free Year!!!

Last year I tried out Weed Suppressant Fabric (or Weed Control Membrane) where I was growing sweetcorn and squashes.  (By the way, the blue cage is for blueberries which sit on top of an ericaceous pit and cannot therefore be moved easily).  Before planting it looked like this:

.....and then once, the crops settled in this...

....and finally this riot of greenery:

Now here's the interesting part, this is how it looked yesterday:

The garlic was planted through the fabric last autumn in the same places as the sweetcorn and squash, with some extra holes added. For onions I have cut slits and then weighed the fabric down with bricks to stop the wind getting under it.

Here's another angle where you can see the onions in the forground and the garlic behind.

And do you know what,  last year's brassica patch is not looking to bad either. (This will be rolled back as I get around to sowing parsnips and carrots etc.) 

Count me in as a fabric fan!