Sunday, 9 March 2014

Another Bread Wheel?

After my last post you might think I would be avoiding circular breads for a while, but I decided to go for overkill with this 'wheels within wheels' bread instead

Risen and Ready for the Oven 
 It's a Scandinavian Classic, A Boston Cake - 7 Cinnamon Rolls in one.

A Boston Cake
 First you make a Swiss roll with a sweet dough and a cinnamon butter filling.  Then cut it into slices and arrange as below:
The Starting Point
 After proving and baking you can tear the rolls off one by one: The original 'Tear and Share'.  But there is an advantage in that the closely packed rolls in a circular tin force the rise to go up rather than out. Also the close packing means that the rolls don't unwind when they bake. The offset is that you get less crust.
The Crumb Shot
 So here's what they turn out like if you bake them on their own:

(You can see the tendency to unwind)

By the way these are different from the buns I made previously (Pain Aux Raisins ala Joe Ortiz) as they are made to a traditional Norwegian recipe (Signe Johansen's) with a cardamon flavoured sweet bread dough and no dried fruit. The only adaptation I made was to add a sugar glaze - which was a bit of a liberty as there was already a sprinkling of demerara sugar on them.

Had a bit of a bread kick this weekend (breadsticks, ciabatta and wholemeal multiseed bread), but also did battle with the weeds at the allotment for a couple of hours in the intermittent rain).   What else are weekends for?

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