Thursday, 23 January 2014

Urban Bees (and other insects)

I've been meaning to post on this topic for some time.  I started building an insect hotel a year ago but didn't get very far.  (It turns out you need quite a lot of material).

Then (as I may have mentioned before) we went for a week's break in Lyon. In their parks they are going in for insect hotels in a big way.  This installation was on a vacant patch on a street corner in the Croix Rousse area :

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And these were in the Parc Tete d'Or

Alongside there is a traditional herb spiral, re-dubbed an "insect spiral"!

Back at the first site I recognised an old friend from home Great Mullein (Verbascum thapsus).

All these installations looked pretty new, so it would be interesting to revisit them to see how they progress.

Meanwhile back to my own paltry efforts:

Still some vacant cells to be topped up. But it's a start.

You can see some better pictures of the Parc Tete d'Or site at the following link:


  1. Mal, I have an insect hotel a bit like yours. I can't claim that it is very impressive, but as you say, it's a start. If every garden in Britain had one, the bees would be very happy! I notice that yours is based upon an old wine-rack: great idea. You often see those discarded at the Council Tip. Instead of throwing them away, people should use them like you have done.

    1. Well spotted on the wine rack, Mark, and yes, the more insect hotels the better!

  2. These are just fantastic!! There is going to be a bug hotel on the bee plot and it has been started but with the cold, wet and windy weather it's slow going. It won't look anything as fantastic as this but it will serve it's purpose!! Loving the wine rack...wonder if I can find any in some second hand stores or ask people if they would like to donate??