Sunday, 10 November 2013

Full of Beans

Today I shelled out the Canadian Wonder beans
Canadian Wonder
 It's been a good crop (last year they flopped - literally and the crop was lost)
Bean there...
 They have been drying for a week or two in their pods:

Dried Bean Pods

I maybe should have waited a bit longer before de-podding them, but I got fed up with them hanging around:

Drying in the bag
So although the runner beans have come to an end we will be enjoying our home grown beans for a while yet.


  1. So what do you like to do with all these beans Mal??

    1. Soup, Chilli, Moussaka, Dip... they'll soon be gone!

  2. You certainly will be full of beans!

  3. Nice to see some heirloom beans being grown. Did you purchase them in UK as they are pretty scarce these days I think?

    1. I bought these from Kings' Seeds who, like other UK vendors, describe them as "Early main crop flat podded". I would describe them as "Maincrop drying beans". They make for rather course pods, but excellent dried or flagelot style beans.