Sunday, 23 June 2013

Rain Rain Rain

In the last 24 hours we got our wish: Rain!!!

Pretty much the first for a month. See the following link to the wonderful weather station at RBGE "Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh"

Edinburgh's Weather May

Watch the blue filled bars

We got 2cm on 18th May 1/2cm on 20th May and then... pretty much nothing until now! (June's graphic not available until the end of the month, but I can assure you we got nothing)

Even better I'd just about finished weeding so the rain is benefiting the veg not the weeds.

It's been so busy lately (watering, weeding, netting, creosoting (don't ask)) that I have not taken any pictures.  All I have to show is the late brassica sowing.  3 cases of very poor germination. Probably my fault for assuming that brassica seed remains viable for years.  Interestingly two of the poor performers were treated seed. It seems possible that once the seal has been broken the treatment may be counter productive in successive years. The most flourishing pot is Hungry Gap Kale. Subsequently I have read that this particular brassica HATES being transplanted - so that was a waste. Fortunately there's half a packet of seed left so all is not lost.

Late Brassicas

I'm big on kale this year - Cavelo Nero, Hungry Gap, Sutherland Kale. Next spring could be interesting!

Next time - lots of pictures!


  1. Although we've had some overnight rain and mainly drizzly stuff it has had little effect and the persistent winds and breezes are drying the ground out continually.

  2. I quite like weeding after rain as the weeds come out easier than when our clay soil is dry and hard.

  3. I wish we could have a break in the rain so that I could get some weeding done, mind you now it has come your way maybe it will stay for a while and give us a little breather. I have plenty of weeds to get through so fingers crossed!!

    Hope the brassicas grow well for you despite the poor germination!

  4. I find that even with very old seeds, some of them are almost certain to germinate, so I sow lots more than I think I will need. The brassicas take up so much space that you probably only need a few.
    We have had very dry weather here in Hampshire too. The rain has been light and the constant wind means that the moisture evaporates before it has had a chance to do the plants any good.