Saturday, 29 June 2013

It Must be Wimbledon

One of the things about having an allotment is that it can be some distance from your home. Our's is 3 or 4 miles from home. We rarely visit the allotment during the week.  As a result things can change a lot from one visit to the next.  Usually there are a lot more weeds. But sometimes there is a nice surprise. And here's this week's:

These are Marshmello.  We bought them as seedlings a year ago and transplanted them from a raised bed to the allotment this spring. They seem to have responded, but we were still cautious until our first taste today...

 They live up to their reputation. They are delicious.  Perfect for Wimbledon.

C'mon Andy!


  1. Certainly a good size Mal though I'm not convinced they are any bigger than mine!!!

  2. Size doesn't matter, Tanya, it's the taste that is important. (!) :-/

    1. And boy are they delicious....however you were the first one to comment on the size!! lol

  3. So I'll comment on size too - we also have Marshmello and they are big as are their cousins Marshmarvel! The strawberries are just coming into there own aren't they?