Friday, 6 December 2019

December Crops - School Garden


4 Seasons Beds (Brassicas behind)
It's time for the harvest from the 4 seasons "winter" bed in the school garden.  The aim of these square meter beds is to demonstrate that there is something to be harvested in every quarter of the year. The winter harvest has been bolstered by produce from the brassica bed, notably brussel sprouts:

The school celeriac has rubbed salt into the wound by producing better celeriac than I have ever managed to grow on my allotment. (Despite the plants the from the same batch of seedlings)
Other pickings are:

Seakale Beet 

Swede or ' Neep'


Once you re picking parsnips it begins to feel a bit like Christmas:


  1. I've never managed to grow any decent celeriac either. We've been digging parsnips for a few weeks now but leaving our Brussel sprouts for Christmas. I'm amazed the beetroot survived the frosty weather.

    1. The Brussels and parsnips in our allotment are being saved for Christmas, but the school crops were sold at the bazaar today. There was some mystification about the celeriac and kohlrabi but everything went.

  2. That looks to be a good haul - so what is the difference between the school celeriac bed and your allotment, Soil, location, amount of water/sunshine?

  3. Yes that's the question. They both get the same rainfall. The school garden soil is horribly compacted about 6 inches down. It is also overshadowed by trees in summer. Between that and the footballs coming over from the neighbouring playground I didn't have high hopes. But the school gets free "compost" from the council scheme and this is liberally applied over the top of beds. I think this is a victory for the no dig mulching methodology.