Thursday, 10 January 2019

Flowering in January

Considering myself a vegetable grower I do love flowers too, particularly in the garden at home.  There is nothing to lift the winter spirits than a splash of flowering activity outside your window.. Most are winter stalwarts but they still surprise: 

Winter Flowering Cherry - Vertical view

Winter Flowering Cherry - Horizontal view
Here's one that is lighting up the darkest corner of the garden - on the northern side of an ivy clad fence:

Winter Jasmine - Jasminum nudiflorum

Jasminun nudiflorum 2

Other flowers are from stubborn plants which seem to flower throughout the year...

Euphorbia   Hebe!
 ...or have hung on stubbornly through the winter and aren't going to succumb just yet.

Rudbeckia Autumn Colours still hanging on
Other bloggers have been showing off their Hellebores.  Well mine are going to have to wait another year to flower.  These were grown from home saved seed sown in 2017. Just as well as there is no sign of the parent plant this spring!

Hellebores !
I may be a bit previous to call it spring, but there are signs that the plants think it is just around the corner.

The prospect of things to come.


  1. Replies
    1. I am sure you are right and I will correct - told you I'm not good with ornamentals! Since posting I have been searching high and low for the label it came with many years ago, to no avail. So thanks.

  2. I do love Hellebores. They have to be one of my very favourite winter flowers. I'm also a big fan of sweet box (Sarcococca confusa) which flowers round about now and puts out quite a bit of scent as well.

    1. The only box I currently have is common buxus sempervirens, but that could change!