Saturday, 1 July 2017

Vegetables Having a Dance

Raspberries for Freezing
Despite the  weather the raspberries continue to ripen. I have been picking them every second day.  It is time to resort to freezing and jam making as we can't keep pace. Although the strawberries have stopped the rhubarb is really appreciating the rain. I had to pick some just to stop the encroachment onto the parsnips and carrots. The second lot of peas are ready for podding and one of the two lots of broad beans (The Sutton) are big enough to harvest.  Add to this the potatoes (not pictured) and the vegetables are having a dance!

Friday's pickings 

 Vegetable Dance


  1. We too are enjoying a raspberry feast but managing to eat a bowlful each day to keep pace.

  2. How do you get your rhubarb so pink all the way up, less than half a stalk of mine is? Is it just the variety?

    1. It has got to be the variety, Dicky. This was inherited with the plot and was unknown. It has been moved from end to end at about 5 year intervals. It lasts right through the summer so I thought I would buy an earlier variety. I bought some "Champagne" a couple of poor roots arrived in the post one of which lasted long enough for me to realise I had bought the exact same variety as I already had. So I think it is "Champagne" I have. (I bought some Timperley Early this year.)

    2. There are a few rhubarb varieties that produce red stems, one of ours I s called Giant Grooveless Crimson.

    3. Fulton's Strawberry Surprise was another candidate. The clincher was when the purchased variety behaved just the same as the inherited one. (I am ruling out a DNA test on grounds of cost! :> )