Monday, 26 September 2016

Hanging on In There

It's the last week in September and the nights are getting colder (and longer).  The runner beans are still flowering and podding.

Time is running out for the sweetcorn:

The Kabocha  squash in the the foreground never really got going.  But going like clappers still  this row of courgettes

The Brassica patch is coming into it's own

In the background the autumn raspberries (Joan J) have responded to frequent picking by producing more and more fruit throughout September. They have been great. The blueberries have taken fright at the colder nights and stopped in their tracks.


  1. My courgettes weren't great this year and neither were my runner beans...I'm hoping to be more on top of things next year...I know I'll get my stride back one way or another!!

    1. Some years turn out like that. Good luck for next year.

  2. Our Joan J were dug up, tidied up, split up, and replanted thus year so we forfeited berries and have fingers crossed for next tear.

  3. Well this is year 4 for our Joan J and the best yet. I've got the distinct feeling that the more I've picked them the more they have produced! I picked another punnet today. They have knocked spots off the summer summer fruiting raspberries, both in quantity and quality.