Monday, 27 June 2016

Hopes Dashed - What a Washout

I knew there were strawberries ready for picking.

What I didn't know was that overnight on Friday night there had been a recurrence of the flooding problem,

You can see the level the water got up to by the debris caught in the mesh of the carrot tent.

My shed was inundated too so had to be emptied, cleaned out and left to dry.  The smell is revolting.

Worst of all though - despite appearances and even after washing I dare not eat any of the strawberries without cooking them now!

What is the point?


  1. That's terrible I feel bad for you,

  2. I sympathise. I haven't had to cope with anything like this, but it must be very discouraging. Re the Strawberries - you could use a sterilising fluid, like Milton.

  3. aah, it's so disheartening - but don't give up. Hopefully the sun will shine and dry everything out... soon

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. We enjoyed our stewed strawberries, and the raspberries and runner beans should be well clear of the trouble. Otherwise it's a case of "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

    As for the weather - it's raining some of the day everyday.