Saturday, 4 April 2015

Вызов всех россиян.

Почему Вы заинтересованы в Эдинбурге Ассигнования?

Виклик всіх українців. Чому Ви зацікавлені в Единбурзі Асигнування?

This reads: "Why are you interested in Edinburgh Allotments? " in Russian and Ukranian.

Why?- In recent days over 90% of traffic has been from Russia and Ukraine. There must be a reason.  Should I be worried?

p.s. First serious allotment visit of the year this morning.  Planted new potatoes, onion sets,  Jerusalem artichokes and sowed broad beans!  Yipee!


  1. That puts you way ahead of me Mal...hoping to get things done this week though!

  2. Hope we'll catch up tomorrow.

  3. my parsnip and seed tape tute post gets huge traffic. not sure if people were looking for such a thing or if there were a few accidental keywords triggering web bots.

    i'm just now putting the potato sets in the sun to grow out their eyes, i did seed leeks a few weeks ago and my Jerusalem Artichokes just multiply on their own. i never get all of them!
    i think i'm going to be a bit behind for my climate again this year.