Saturday, 27 December 2014

Very Berry

This has been a bumper year for holly berries.  Our front garden has a holly hedge and it is really colourfull:
The clusters are really packed

and that goes for the whole length:

Others have commented on ivy (Sue) but it's the holly that has been amazing with us.  Now some people say that lots of berries portends a cold winter. We shall see.


  1. I think the presence of lots of Holly berries has more to do with the year just past than the year still to come. It also means that the birds must have found better food elsewhere! They eat the more attractive berries first, and Holly and Ivy berries get used in Midwinter.

  2. Si the insects get the nectar and the birds the berries, A great display - I wonder how many people helped themselves to a sprig when passing. All we need now is someone with some mistletoe then we will have a set.