Wednesday, 10 September 2014

When You're Smiling...

The weather has turned and we are getting a last bite at summer. After going into shock in August some plants  are getting a welcome reprieve or a chance to ripen on the vine. 


Sungold has been a a favourite as it even succeeds in Scotland and is ultrasweet.

Sadly we have experienced some "grinning"  for a second year. The books suggest that such skin splitting is due to temperature variations.  And while recent days have been sunny night temperatures have been low.

The only other variety I have grown this year was sold as San Marzano -  I've recently concluded that I was sold a pup. These are not plum tomatoes by any stretch of the imagination. They're not bad, some are ripening now, as you can see, so soon we will see what sort of sauce they make. Some of them have split too.

Others plants benefiting from the respite

Sunflower "Little Dorrit"

Fig Leaf Melon
The warm spell has come too late for the cucumbers...

..but it is tailor made for Autumn Raspberry Joan J.

 Here's some other random pictures.

Our local mob of tree sparrows got a nasty shock the other day when this visitor turned up

 I've had some queries recently about my brick beds. Well they're still going. Here's the late sown salads.

Another subject that I haven't mentioned in a while is baking. Here's a Boston Cake - 7 Cinnamon Buns baked together. A surefire winner.


  1. I like the look of that bed of "Oriental Greens". Your tomatoes look like a variety called "Wilma" that I once grew.

  2. Bang on Mark. I am impressed. It's Wilma sometimes called Vilma.

    ps Today I've ordered my San Marzano seed from a reputable domestic supplier (Pennard Nurseries) for next year.

  3. Everyone seems to have grown Sungold this year and with good reason.

  4. I've noticed a few of our Sungolds split as or just after they are picked. I've carefully checked this out. They are ok on the plant before picking and after careful removal from the plant will split within a couple of minutes. Great tasting toms though and it wont stop me growing them again next year.