Tuesday, 17 September 2013

18 Carrot Gold (White and Purple)

Started digging up the maincrop carrots:

Well pleased with the "Blanche a Collet Vert Hors Terre" -  Green-Collared White Carrot.  Trades Descriptions could have no argument with that.

Runner beans been knocked by the high winds and plummeting temperatures, but still cropping

as are the courgettes:

Time for a bit of piccalilli

 and plum jam

Talk about a season of mellow fruitfulness!


  1. It was a bit nippy here picking beans yesterday!

  2. What about the yellow one though.

    Our beans have survived the cold wind and rain and are still producing too. Most of our Victoria plums are still on the tree and still not quite ready to pick.

  3. Hi Mal, as seems to be the norm with me lately I am catching up with everyone...again!! Your carrots are looking great his year and you have had some wonderful crops. I was very impressed with your plaiting/stringing skills. I never do anything this posh...just chop the tops off and stick them in a wooden bowl in the kitchen!!

    I really should get some more fennel growing next year though I have to confess to never having harvested the last that I grew...I just loved the smell and the look of the plant!!