Sunday, 5 May 2013

Chelsea Result

Today I achieved one of my baking ambitions:

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 I baked Chelsea Buns for the first time.  The recipe was from Dan Lepard. He is good with sweet things - and these are sweet and lemony.

One reason for trying this was a recent acquisition: a Scottish Scraper.Perfect for slicing up rolled up dough:

As you cans see from the following there was a good rise:

Another thing a Scottish Scraper is good for is slicing off strips of dough to be stretched and rolled in seeds to make breadsticks.  These have proved very popular.

On reflection the new piece of kit will be called a "chibber".


  1. When I saw the title of your post, I thought it was something about a famous horticultural event held in London. The buns look nice though! Happy chibbing...

  2. Chibber, nice one. They look flipping great. Stomach now rumbling.

  3. Like Mark I was on a different Chelsea and thought your oft inspected plot had achieved a gold!

    1. Now that would be something!!!

      To be honest it was the football club I was thinking of as they were playing the League leaders (Man Utd) at the time I was baking those. Now I recall watching the notorious Chelsea defender of old: Chopper Harris. No I'm sticking with Chibber - and Chelsea flower show in my dreams.

    2. We had Norman bites your legs Hunter!

    3. ...and Billy Bremner!

  4. They look great Mal. I really should try to get more baking done!!